Content Analysis of All
Media Applications

“Separating reality from perception"

  Saturday, December 15, 2018
TV-Web Connection - A method to identify opportunities for improving TV ratings and web page participation by assessing the relationship between TV programs and web site content. Web-TV Studies –
  • Impact of Cross Promotion
  • The Effects of Timeliness on TV Newscast and Web Story Posting
  • TV Audience vs. Web User Interests
  • Ways to Compound Web Page Activity
  • Influence of Interactive & Transitional Elements
  • Matched to TV Home Viewer Ratings & Web Content Clicks
Web & Mobile - An analysis comparing the services and content offered Web and Mobile users by various media enterprises. Web Site / Mobile Studies –
  • Web Site Content & Interactivity Comparison
  • Extended User Services
    • Email Alerts, Newsletters, Daily Feeds, Mobile Content

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